Friday, May 16, 2008

My family

I am happily married with 3 children. We live in Melbourne and are expecting another baby in September.
I love my family and as hard as is it is, there is nothing better than being a mother.
I love my husband and as challenging as marriage is, Iwoouldn't want anyone else in my life, sharing the crazy ups and downs of family life.
We met in 1997 I think! We started dating about a year later. I felt that he would be the one I would marry even before then.
Our first date, sort of, was him coming to my house and him taking me to a $5 movie!
It was Wedding Singer. Still a movie I enjoy and a family fave.
We fell in love quite fast but not hard. It was a lovely time! We were able to spend a lot of time together and we decided to marry.
We married 3rd April 1999.
We wanted to start a family and started straight away!
Soon after we conceived our first child.
That first year after our daughter was born was damn tough. Our relationship wasn't ready for all that turbelence yet in the end we survived.
I was suffering from Graves disease which was tough. After a miscarriage and a total thyroidectomy, we fell pregnant with our first son.
He really brang our family together. My daughter was rapt with her 'gift' and she first said I love you Mum when she met her baby brother. She was just over 3.
We now have our third child.
I believe we have good gaps with a 8, 5 and a 2.5 year old. I have had many more miscarriages sadly.
Our next baby is due in September. I am having an unassisted pregnancy which is great. I am in great health and I am looking forward to an unassisted birth in water at home, all things going well.
I love rock music.
I am obsessed with taking photos.
I enjoy knitting and crochet for kids.

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