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2009 -The year of Birth Trauma Awareness

2009 – The year of Birth Trauma Awareness

Enough is enough.

We will no longer stand by while our sisters, partners, friends and babies are mutilated and traumatised.

The silence ends now.

What can you do to be part of this community effort?

Follow your passion in this three stranded project. We need to talk about:

How to avoid birth trauma.

How to heal from birth trauma.

How to raise awareness about birth trauma.

* put a birth trauma awareness sticker on your car, pram, bicycle helmet, letterbox, gate, fence, front door
* sew a birth trauma awareness patch on your sling or wrap
* put your traumatic birth pics on youtube with appropriate captions raising awareness
* drop off JB pamphlets and info on normal physiological birth to your local medical centre
* tell someone about your birth trauma
* write a letter to your daily, local or national newspaper
* talk to your community group, ABA group, mothers' group however casually you like
* tell your GP if you have one
* tell your natural therapists and give them some JB brochures
* write and share your own traumatic birth stories as well as your beautiful birth stories
* work at healing yourself - you're worth it!
* take a few pamphlets everywhere just in case the need arises
* say “Birthrape is real" on mainstream internet forums
* change your sig to something supportive of BTAY on mainstream forums
* put a link to JB on your website, blog, community group website or anywhere else you can
* host a showing of BOBB in your local area and invite the newspapers
* go to anything women-related and talk about birth trauma - WEL, CWA, IWD.....
* do some community-minded graffiti or even a mural!
* write stuff on toilet walls in maternity hospitals
* do some Wiki edits
* put a birth trauma quote in your email sig
* ring the radio when talkback time is on and talk about your experience of traumatic birth
* do an essay at uni about it if you can, or a tutorial presentation
* Join forces! Get involved with your other local homebirth and maternity groups. Volunteer your time, and bounce ideas off others

Use these slogans, or write your own.

Birth trauma happens. Has it happened to you?

Birth trauma happens. It happened to me.

Birth trauma happens - deal with it!

Birth trauma happens. So does healing.

Break the silence around hospital violence

Avoid birth trauma - birth at home

Hire a surgeon, get surgery.

Women have human rights too.

Birth trauma deserves our attention.

Birth trauma deserves your attention.

Does birthrape offend you? Good.

Yes means yes, no means no,
However we dress, wherever we go -
And that means in hospitals too!

Did your rapist wear a mask and gown? Mine did.

Episiotomy is genital mutilation.

Doctors, what do you do when a woman says no?

Midwives, what do you do when a woman says no?

I own my body and I give birth.

Epidurals are a pain in the back.

Fingers, forceps, hands, ventouse, baby - which one belongs in a vagina?

Did you feel your caesarean? I did.

Women say no to birth intervention and yes to powerful birthing!

Better a yummy mummy than a numb mummy. Say no to epidurals.

Drugs in birth? Just say NO!

Healthy babies deserve healthy mothers.

Health means more than alive.

Avoid birth trauma - manage your own birth.

Birth trauma is not a baby's choice.

Birthrape on demand, a surgeon's right to choose.

My body, my birth, my choice.

Birthrape - happening at a hospital near you.

Birth trauma - coming to a woman near you.

You deserve a great birth so stay home.

Unwanted interventions = birth trauma.

Vaginal exams without consent are rape.

Birth is not a medical condition. Leave women alone.

Birth is not surgeons' business.
Birth is women's business.

Consent is not consent when it’s obtained by lying or coercion.

The “dead baby” card does not obtain consent. It coerces women.

Did you know birth trauma can make women suicidal?

Did you know birth trauma happens?

Have you heard of birthrape?

Coerced surgery is human rights abuse. Women and babies deserve respect.

Forced caesareans are the ultimate violation of women’s human rights.

Doctors are not gods. Midwives are not gods.
Women can run their own lives.


If We Say No....

Stop Birthrape!

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