Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art school

Pear by Talz
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My daughter sought out an art school because she just loves her drawing and art as a whole. She misses doing it at school and has been reading up on contextual art. She found out that there was a local art school and got the number for her Dad to call. They checked it out last week. It is a class held by a qualified teacher in a priavte studio in the back of her house. She went for her first lesson Monday night. First learning about shapes and circles. She was given a graphite pen and did some charcoal work. First subject is fruit, my daughter did an orange and pear. In the future she can choose her subject. I am so happy for her as I can see her passion growing. My daughter started drawing at 18 months and really hasn't stopped since. She turned 9 in February.

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