Sunday, May 24, 2009

First tooth

On Friday evening I, with the boys, took my daughter to the school. She had been chosen to attend the Geelong v Western Bulldogs game at Etihad Stadium. Twelve children and 4 carers went and they had chips and sof drinks in the corporate box. How lucky! My daughter said, "I go for the game. I stay for the food." She enjoyed the experience.

The boys and I waited for my husband to pick us up after he finished work. J was laughing as he looked at me in the mei tai and I noticed something. Uh oh. No longer a gummy bear. There was a tooth just appearing. I had to lament, have a little cry, because I was in no rush for him to get teeth! I could feel the sharpness of the tooth though its hard to see. Its his bottom left. The right one is just pushing through too.

My eldest boy rang his Nanna (my Mum) and asked if he and his brother could stay the weekend! So after my daughter was picked up, we just had our eldest and youngest for the night. On Saturday we picked up the boys and a sewing machine! We went to Geelong for dinner which was great. On the way back we were all singing Magic Dirt (Geelong should be proud). "Hung" is my husband's favourite song from the "Beast" album. The kids were singing it word for word!

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