Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My husband's take on J's birth


My wife had her first home birth(son) last year sept21-08 we have 4kids total the other 3 where a hospital births , So when she decided to have our last baby at home suprised the heck out of me I thought she was just kidding/phase she was going through but she was very serious about not having any medical intervention ie doctors/hospitals or midwife . She went to see a doctor when she was 30weeks pregnant just for legal requirments and didn't attend any hospital appointments because she was pretty confident right throughout the whole pregnancy and nothing phased her ,alot of negative vibes came from myself and close family memebers . I personally thought she was"NUTS" but i did a bit of research before the birth ie emergancy response and so on She really wanted the baby with or without me

Crazy sums up the experiance for myself we had waterbirth it was awwwwesome it took about 2hours from 1030pm to about 1245am that whole night/day seemed surreal and has to be most spectacular moment in my life(with exceptions 3other births)

Everyone was suprised when they visited(same day) us at home without realising we had the birth at home and that it went so well we had no problems and 10mths later have a happy bubble boy who is doing so well and my wife everyone says she's brave but she just thinks that its nothing to brag about it was normal experiance for her , she just likes to do things her way

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