Monday, August 31, 2009

Before J turns one

Just a few pictures because my littliest boy is growing up fast with only a few weeks away from turning one.
On the weekend the kids spent time with their cousins so we took J to the park where he went on the slide for the first time. And apparrently its better to turn when you slide so you can just crawl away!
J has 6 teeth now. He had his first stomach bug (courtesy of the big kids and we all shared that, even me) which resulted in an interupted night and projectile vomit for the first time.
He has curls around his neck and ears which is long and wispy. The big kids have straight hair like their Dad so its nice and different to see a little of me in my kids.
J doesn't really like much sleep though he does enjoy all night cuddles and feeds. He does occassionally sleep in the car, on us or rarely out of arms.
He is mostly breastfeed but has started to enjoy snacks likes whole apples and pears (though he spits out the skin) as well as vegees and other foods. He has never had purees (closest would be yogurt) and it makes nappy changing easier ;) . He does have nappy free time often but he doesn't use the potty.
This week we are preparing to attend the Homebirth (Save Birth Choices) rally in Canberra.
Why am I attending? Its not like I will ever have an independant midwife attend my labours.
Because I care about choices. I care about my choice and individual choice. I care about my daughter's right to have an IM if that is what she chooses in many years to come.
Actually my husband heard about the rally before I did and he suggested we go. So here goes...

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