Monday, September 07, 2009

Roadtrip to the Nation's Capital

We left Melbourne in the morning at about 8am on Sunday. My sisiter in law happily cared for the big kids and for that I am grateful. My husband drove and I occupied the less than impressed J.

We stopped in Albury presumably for lunch but we weren't very hungry so just had cuddles and walk around then headed to Holbrook for another break.

We had a late lunch in Yass and before long we were in Canberra. We were actually staying on the border.

We had a Father's Day dinner in Canberra. Quick and polite and nice food.

The latex matress was nice to sleep on and we had a single and double bed together for more space.
It was raining on Monday but we attended the Rally (other blog post) without a second thought for the wet.

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