Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to Melbourne

We headed back in the late afternoon on Monday with hubby not too keen on returning. We took our time. J was still not very happy with being in the car. He slept a little, cried and shreiked so we breaked often. Of course J being very happy to get out of the car seat as if he never was upset!

We had dinner in Albury which was very salty and unpleasant.

We stayed at a place where hubby unintentionally broke the flowerpot with the van. The bed was small and very uncomfortable and sleep was barely possible with J keeping us up for almost 2 hours in the early morning. This is not like him at all.
We filled up on the continental breakfast and headed slowly back to Melbourne.

In Benalla we had another salty lunch and had a long break there.

Thankfully J slept better on the way home. Finally got home in the late afternoon.

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