Thursday, October 01, 2009

I don't like.....

I don't like being busy or having schedules. Its not for me or my family. Lately we have been busy and hardly been home but I have enjoyed it. It may be a busy month too with birthday parties to go to and other events.
We had a difficult week or so after J's birthday with J not wanting to be away from me but he seems more secure now and that makes us happy. He loves co-sleeping as do I but I have had to put him with his Dad and I sleep in another bed so we can sleep properly. Otherwise he feels the need/want for feeding all night and it can be exhausting for me and for him. Hopefully this is only temporary.

We have been out and about seeing people which is good. J seems to be happier when we go out and I love to see him smile. He has been vocalising more even screaming and laughing with his brothers. There is nothing better than seeing your children smile with happiness in their eyes.

Yesterday we visited the MHCN. He weighs 9995 grams so about average for his age. He is tall though and the nurse suggested he eat more meat and potatoes! I have been weary of feeding him solids because of allergies. Baby led weaning with breastfeeding seemed sufficient. But he has been wanting more ie. watching adults eat (as well as other children namely his siblings) and wanting to share. This one is not a vegetarian either. He hasn't had any eczema or any significant health problems so I couldn't be more happy. His skin is soft and healthy and that is something I am so grateful for.

The MCHN we have is great. We have seen her a few times now and she understands I know best when it comes to my children and I really appreciate that support. She says many mothers do things the hard way and I know what she means. I was one of those mothers. The nurse asked about immunisation and I said Hmm 2 years. To which she replied that they would no longer be free. I shrugged. She suggested I get just 2 jabs now which have several vaxxes in them. I commented that that sounded scary. She said No polio is scary. Aha...She asked if we had been affected by Whooping Cough. No. Then she sounded shocked when she told me that kids who have been vaccinated for pertussis still could get it. Yes, I said. She also told me she couldn't trust doctors to give the vaccinations. She told me of one GP who gave them to a parent so she could it done in Turkey for when her baby was of age. Turkish doctor was smart and chucked it. Diane has all faith in the council to vaccinate children because they are nurses. I do not because of our experience. I was actually happy when our mchn did my daughter's. It seemed safest.

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