Sunday, November 15, 2009

Community Festival

We got a pamphlet in our mailbox which Av promtly stole and looked through. It was for the local community festival and he had spotted the kids cooking session. He was so excited about going and I thought why not? He was not quite old enough (targeted for 5-15 years) but N decided he would go too so it was worth going.

They started with pizza topping. I think it was overwhelming for Av though N really got into it and took it very seriously.

They also made berry muffins. Av came into his own when he carefully put his mixture in the pan. The teacher came over and was so amazed by this that she awarded him a prize. He was taken aback by the attention and went shy. He was too cute apparently.

N also got the same prize (sushi making kit) for answering a question about leafy vegetables.

The muffins looked delicious and the pizza was good too. 

They each got a showbag and all this for free, I thought that a great deal.

There was free entertainment and much to see.

N had a go at hip hop dancing at the workshop. He was given loads of attention and he was really keen on it.

We were joined by J and Dad.

The boys got a ride in a teacup!

It was a fun and worthwhile day.

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