Monday, November 09, 2009

Why do you like photos so much, Mum?

I enjoy reading other people's blogs as they articulate so much better what I want to say. I don't feel that confident in what I want to say so usually keep it brief. I have found it helpful to answer questions people put out there on things that interest me so I might put them up. There are some things that are so very important to me and the right words are hard to find. Most of the time I have my children here so they are the priority and I can't write clearly anyway without interruption. At the moment I am feeding J while I try to protect myself (he likes to tweak) and write this. As much as I multi task, its never perfect. There just isn't enough time in the day.
My 6 year old asked me why do I like photos so much. I explained that sometimes a picture can say 1000 words. Much easier sometimes to post photos than write essays.

So though some of my photos aren't that great, its the moment and it says more than I can say in words.

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