Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia day

Also known as Invasion day. I have known this but only came to a relaisation how offensive it can be for people to celebrate Australia day in the way many people do. We don't really celebrate it, don't understand the point really. For us, its a family day. But I used the opportunity to discuss it with my daughter. She has started to become very interested in current affairs and news. This is good but she is very impressionable, believing almost anything she hears. I figure she will learn how to balance out ideas in time. I know for me, it took time not to have my opinion sway with others and even today I can question my views as I learn more. This must be a good thing.

We took the kids to a park where it was quite busy so the boys made friends fast.

We went to the resevoir where we had roos trailing our van. 
They stopped when we stopped. It was quite amusing.

What does one wear on Australia Day? If you are under 2 and have not much choice, maybe tartan pants and a Maori bone around the neck. Of course. 


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