Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Catch Up


Not having much luck keeping up with much lately let alone this blog. Busy, though not sure I am getting that much done in tangible terms but lots of cuddles are happening and its a great priority to have.

Kids are back at school, though they were considering homeschooling, they enjoy school. I want it to be their choice.
My daughter is in grade 5 and approaching double figures, she will be 10 in about a fortnight. I can see very much the changes that are happening in her life (as she approaches puberty and therefore, womanhood) and though I am somewhat anxious, I feel this is a very special time. I am grateful that she is excited about it too.
My eldest son is in grade 2 and will be 7 in April. He likes sleep, food and computers...
Av is 4 and has been asking to go to school (in a very casual way ie. because the big kids go to school) but we rather he stay home. He has no social problems that apparently he should have for not being in someone else's care.  He has improved so much with his vocabulary, speech and now can count to 5 confidently.
J will be 18 months in about 5 weeks. He is running and climbing. In some ways he is my baby, but he is his own person and I love to see my children grow up and learn for themselves.

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