Thursday, March 04, 2010

Love of learning


We had a surprise letter come in the mail saying that our daughter was nominated by her school principal and the Council had chosen her as a winner of an award. This was to be given out an award ceremony with 40 other students. We were taken aback but quite proud.  She also receives a computer, printer and internet access for a year so not bad at all!
The idea is to make knowledge through computers and net access available to all people regardless of their circumstances. Though it true we have several computers, it will be good to have another with so many people wanting to learn and play games in the house.
When I was my daughter's age (all those years ago!) I don't think I had even seen a computer up close. In grade 6 we saw a computer in our classroom (Parklands now defunct) once a week as maybe 2 students (never myself) got to touch the computer as we crowded around to play Where in the World is san Diego?
When I was in grade 10-12 it started to be necessary to use the computers for assignments. We had some access to computers but it was limited. My daughter at about the age of 4 got the first computer in our home as a gift from my brother (a computer technician), so this will be her second computer.
We have only been online for less than 4 years. It is an amazing tool. Maybe a time waster as well as a time saver. Like many things it can be great and terrible!

Anyway, our daughter was able to take only 2 people to this event so it was just us and it was lovely to just focus on her for one night. And look another photo with me in it that I didn't take! 
The mayor spoke as did some representatives of the sponsors. The students were all invited to receive their certificate and have a photo taken. Even their names were large on the screen.
It was a friendly evening with many people to talk to and plenty of refreshments.

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