Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful boy

Beautiful boy
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My eldest boy turned 7 on the 22nd April. A gentle, sensitive, intelligent and deep thinking young person. Of all my children, he is my most quiet, so alert, soaking up information and learning all the time.
I remember as I baby I used to sing to him, "Close to You"

When he was born, our family fell in love. It was a fantastic time in that sense. But I did have a traumatic birth with him. I know from that experience, I cannot birth in the optimal way with strangers staring at me. I am not a social birther.

When my big boy was not yet a year old, he had his immunisations as according to the schedule. It triggered severe eczema. I am incredibly saddened by how much he suffered and us, as parents, felt so helpless. Contrary to what most people believe, eczema is much more than a skin problem.

He now has mild eczema, mostly on the outside of his elbows and around the knees. He also has suffered with asthma and allergies but he has been in good health in the past couple of years.

So, my boy is 7. I love his enthusiasm and excitement for learning and the way he knows so much and is always willing to share. I like how he wants to help me, and I love how I just know he loves me. I love my big beautiful boy.

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