Thursday, May 27, 2010

Extremely normal

Its interesting that I am considered extreme or alternative in my thinking especially when it comes to parenting. Maybe when it comes to what society deems normal then I am not normal. But I do what is natural, what is normal and what is right for my family. Maybe it just shows what sort of world we are living in where the natural things are seen as strange and anything that seems normal to me is odd to most. Like breastfeeding, co-sleeping, avoiding drugs and vaccines, birthing at home. These are all normal to me but to some people, these things are not spoken of and when they are its often seen as crazy, wrong, stupid etc.

Society almost teaches us to detach from people. To not trust even from an early age, nobody cares if you cry, toughen up. I personally feel this, I do not get close to people. I want better for my kids. I want them to come to me for a hug, for a chat, have their needs fulfilled. And at a young age wants and needs are practically the same. I can't buy them anything that has more value than what I can give them every day without a sticker price. The unconditional love I receive from them is inspiring to me. They forgive my shortcomings and love me without wanting more than what I can give them. That to me, is just amazing.

So I am extremely normal. I don't hide the way I do things now. I used to...When my daughter was a baby, she so desperately wanted to co-sleep. All I heard was, Put her in the bassinet, don't let her get attached. Feed til one year exactly. Do what you are told, everyone else knows best.

Truth is, Trusting Your Instincts is all the advice I needed. I learned that the hard way.

My boys in their purple Eden singlets. I made one for J so they each have one. Knitted in Cotton Fleece (merino and cotton). It was too challenging getting a photo of them all together on this day so this is as good as it gets.

I made the King of too many soakers another soaker. This one is crocheted sideways giving a stretchy rib. I used Casacde 220 Heathers with Woolganics worsted for leg cuffs and tie. It is very roomy so he has it rolled up. I did 27 rows, with 33 rows it would be way too big. I find this photo comical. He adores playing with the phone and here he has his serious face on.

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karisma said...

Beautiful post! Oh and for the record, you know that ROD everyone tells you, you are making for your own back by letting them sleep in your bed? They are right! LOL My lot still cram into our bed for cuddles and they are aged 22, 20, 17, 12 and 11! AWESOME!!!!! (But squishy!)