Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hard times and good times

Again, I need to catch up on blog posts. Our youngest son is a real rambunctious handful! I thought Av was rough, J is even more so. He giggles when jumped on and bangs on things and yells, and throws things. All the while, making me feel life is very full on. Nights are often late and days are sometimes are a blur. I do know I have a toddler. He is breastfed on demand and this is something I have to keep reminding myself is very normal and natural and right for us. Its hard when most of the World (at least the world I  live in) disagrees.
He has started eating meals regularly but it hasn't stopped his appetite for boobah.

My daughter is up to standard at school and enjoying her artwork which she does mostly at home. Her teacher doesn't seem very supportive and seems to want her to exceed the grade 5 level in maths in particular. Get faster at answering?! As her parents, we are perplexed and we have told our daughter not to stress too much, and enjoy her drawing.
There is more I would like to say on this but I will leave it for now.

Meanwhile, our eldest son adores maths. He really enjoys anything to do with numbers. He invited us (my mother and I) to the school for a Mother's Day afternoon tea at the school. Av wasn't very impressed with the teachers telling the kids to do things, he exclaimed, "This is not for me." We laughed. Even though he has asked to go to school, its not something he wants to do right now so if I say ' in 10 years' that would suit us all fine. He has been enjoying some old encyclopedias  that were given to us. He recognises letters - he found a photo of two sharks and saw the names underneath, he told me that they were the same letters (shark). Its these things he is learning on his own that make me see he is very much capable of learning the natural way.
He has started to ask about his name and knows how it is spelled though he isn't confident in writing his name yet.

As often as we can, we do things as a family. I love the time we spend just doing things on a whim, cos we want to! Today we went to Gisbourne to get some wool for a test knit I am doing for justjussi. At Foodworks supermarket of all places! We went for a little walk and a play at the playground.

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