Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just a reminder

My daughter was getting upset that her tooth was loose. It was a milk tooth, and it was a reminder she is not all grown up yet! She has now lost 9 baby teeth.
She is very excited about going on camp this year. She talks about very little else so we will try our best to get the money together to pay for it.
Meanwhile our eldest son says he is not interested at all as he will have the opportunity next year. He really enjoys school. We met his teacher who is happy to challenge him in his school work which is great. He has mastered level 30 in reading. He doesn't think so but his reading is great - confident and he always gives a word a go no matter what length. He was reading about a web page that my husband was looking at and it was about Nazis or something and it was astounding to me. He is only 7. He loves maths and is forever testing me on my timetables! He likes problem solving and I go to him if I need help with something like putting things together.

Av has been learning too. At home of course. He is quite adept at using the computer and can type and write his name. His vocabulary is probably up to what would be expected of his age I'd imagine. He says some funny things but he can communicate very well now. Funny saying of the month - "It goes different with the  nuts." He was suggesting his hungry older brother would like some grain bread! I love how caring and affectionate he is. He was such a rough nut as a toddler but now he is so sweet and loving, it is so wonderful. He is forever saying he loves me, giving me kisses, and showing compassion for his brothers and sister.
As much as I felt guilty about it, I decided to day wean J. I could see we were  both unhappy and cranky and maybe the constant feeding was why. I am back to enjoying feeding him but at night and in the morning (and yes during the night some nights). Its not what I really want but its what we need. I see J smile more and come to me for cuddles and I am loving that. I also feel closer to my older kids too. J has now started to enjoy more other foods and is not as fussy which I think is a good thing. In about 3 months he will be 2 and I hope he can continue feeding til at least then.

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