Monday, June 14, 2010

Treat Mama like a Queen day (End of the World)

My daughter proclaimed that the public holiday we call Queen's birthday will be now Treat Mum like a Queen day. :)

We planned to go for a drive and we took a good friend with us. (On this day I had actually a great sleep, sleeping all night, woke at a reasonable hour, did some laundry and went food shopping and made a dip and sandwiches all before the sleepy head J awoke!)
It was a lot of fun and very relaxed. We drove down to Rye and had a picnic lunch. The kids loved playing on the beach, rocks and pier.

We arrived in Portsea at about 5 so it was too late to visit the National Park so we just went down to the Pier.

Not quite the end of the World, but the end of Victoria.

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