Saturday, July 24, 2010

Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair

Someone needs to tell me next time I mention going to a fair, not to go! To me its over priced and crowded.
My daughter really wanted to go so I took the opportunity to have  a day with just her and I. No school and no boys.

We took the train into the City. I initially forgot my camera and silly me forgot to charge it so I thought it would be easy enough to get another battery. I was wrong! I spent way too long waiting for service in the big M store. My store.. hmmm. Anyway I ended up buying a new camera from Dick Smith and promising my other one to my daughter (once charged) as I had be meaning to get a new camera anyway. Its my first Canon and its simple but works well. Easy point and shoot pictures as well as being able to program as well.

Finally we got the fair and it was very busy. We looked around and there was not much wool associated stalls so it was interesting just not as fun. The quilts on display were amazing.

Its too cold in July in Melbourne to eat icecream right? There was a beautiful looking gelati bar right near the Yarra that enticed my daughter so we indulged.  It was so quiet then there was a crowd! It was worth the money and surprising it was good and not too freezing an idea...

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