Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Drama over baby and keys locked in van

Some may say its bad parenting. We locked our kid in the car. If we get technical, hubby left the key on a sleeping J unknowingly who then awoke to press lock on it. Fortunately it was not a hot day. My husband panicked, I tried to stay clam. Honestly I have been feeling awful with bad back ache and nausea and the last thing I wanted to do was go see a friend to take photos (for an ebay listing) but I was promised it wouldn't take long....
About an hour (time I am unsure about) later we conceded that J would not be able to get out of his car seat (that is their purpose, right?) to pick up the key he threw at the window and was lying on the floor.  He had fallen asleep after realising it was not a game and it was no fun anymore. He was in some distress so I was glad he decided to sleep instead. We considered breaking the window but I suggested calling the Police at least for advice would be wise before taking that last resort. They were so helpful and sent out all 000 services because an infant was involved. Within minutes a fire truck with sirens blazing arrived.
If only J knew the treatment he was receiving. Four firemen jumped out of their truck with lights on and asked about our son and the locks on the car. Because J was asleep and heat was not an issue they asked if it was okay that they took their time ie. not break a window and unlock the car.  I was happy with that. Not long after the Police and Paramedics arrived and basically watched. It didn't take them very long at all to open the passenger door through the sliding door on our van. The Police told us if needed, to break the front window because its cheaper and less damaging. But more importantly we are getting a spare key!
J was very upset when hubby took him out of the car. He was crying so the Paramedic said he didn't need to look him over. I tried to comfort him but he was quite inconsolable. I was trying to show him the fire truck as he loves trucks. I don't think he understood the drama at all. As the fire truck drove off he realised what it was and waved! He declined a drink but had a snack with his sister after a long cuddle with Mama. The big kids were not worried about it all but Mama and Dad were distraught and quite worn out. Av was out watching last night smiling his grin and then upset we decided not to see our friend. J seems more clingy today and I don't blame him.

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