Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things, thoughts and thuds

Just a few things I have made recently. Not feeling up to blogging it all. The Ultimate longies for the Budding designers Group KAL on Ravelry in Patons classic merino for a newborn size. Also in the same yarn, finally a pair of slippers for my daughter who has only been asking for a year or so. These were also a KAL for same group. I love the buttons as I discovered when I sewed them on they look like hugs and kisses.  The skirts are a test crochet for a wonderful new pattern to be released in September called Coconut Ice. I am working on a third skirt. A scarf I made quickly for my daughter from funfur and sock yarn crocheted together length ways. An awesome hat for me using up leftover Noro yarn.  Car seat straps in cotton with handmade buttons. The doll is a present for J who is turning two next month. It is an anatomically correct boy, I am planning to dress him over the next few weeks. For now he has a bonnet crocheted from sock yarn.

This is my friend's few days old gorgeous little girl. I made her children a hat each and this is the same bonnet I made for J's doll but done with a 4mm hook. I did the doll's with a 3.5mm hook. Isn't she lovely?!

Update on my back pain. I could use a scale of how I am feeling with agony being at its worse and painful being moderate and then there is uncomfortable where it isn't too debilitating. That is today, just uncomfortable. I have been crying a lot over the last few days which has me believing that maybe the repressed sadness is in my back rather than repressed anger as I have read could be the reason for back pain without known physical cause. I rarely cry and I have felt so much better after my recent crying! Its like a much needed release. I think I have found the spot where I may have injured my back - possibly from lifting and turning J while asleep to feed him. I have been limiting stress, refraining from yelling and just letting things be as much as possible. Trying to remember to breath especially diaphragm  breathing. And of course limiting breastfeeds and carrying J. J is great, though his typical toddler ways leave me exhausted at least he seems to understand when I say no to feeding him. Toilet learning still seems a time away but I know one day it will all makes sense to him. My big kids got it at 2y10m, 3y6m respectively, Av at 18mths (going on the potty independently then no nappies at 2y1m). He is not yet 2 so I can only guide him.

We haven't been doing much lately. I think the weather stops us from doing more even if our intentions are to go out and do more. We haven't had too much illness apart from the typical cold. I even had it which is rare for me. The big kids are not loving school as much but still go. Maybe because they see it as a normal thing. I would like to know more homeschoolers and do meetups, I think that networking would make the difference.  The pressure they are putting on my daughter  in preparation for high school is tremendous and not something that I see as necessary. She is 10 and in grade 5. We are hoping she will not attend high school but I think it is her choice.

My big boy is always learning what is next especially when it comes to maths. He knows fractions, money and division. He is 7 and in grade 2. I am always worried that he will get bored but he seems to be able to jump ahead of his own accord. His teacher seems supportive of him giving him more work but I doubt she does. He chooses not to do his homework. I don't agree with homework so I am happy for him not do it. My daughter stresses over it and I think its not necessary.

Meanwhile Av is learning what he wants to. He is keen on learning letters, words and numbers. I am not teaching him but guiding him, answering his questions and I believe he will learn what he needs to. He is almost 5 and has not been to school, I do not plan to enroll him. He is happy not to go to school at this stage.

How scary is this? My husband wanted to go from a run so we all went along with him. Not to run but to play at the playground. Unfortunately my eldest son got carsick so by the time we got to the Lake it was too dark and wet for play. It didn't stop Av!

Anyway, we were driving (husband was driving) there when I see and hear something slide down the windscreen. It was a hammer! After hearing about rocks and chemicals being thrown at cars and people for fun, I was freaked out. My husband told me that was the thud that happened last night. So it must have been thrown the night before, landing on the top but only slid down at that time.

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