Sunday, December 11, 2011

A fortnight before Christmas

Its coming towards the end of 2011, where did the year go?

My blog doesn't like me so I have not been keeping up at all. Some tasks are difficult on the tablet but I don't have a PC to use atm. I could use my daughter's computer or even her netbook but they are so slow! I feel spoiled with this new technology. I find t interesting that I have almost 10 things (Kindle, tablet, media player, netbook and a few christmas presents!) hooked up to wi-fi but I don't have a PC that I can use...without giving up cos its useless! My PC actually fell asleep and doesn't want to wake up, maybe due to a cpu issue.

My daughter starts high school next year and to be honest I m very nervous about the prospect, I rather she stay home and skip the whole social awkwardness of high school but she is not me and she loves school and her prime reason for attending is to be with her friends.

Christmas is almost upon us, Av has been asking how many days - he can only count to 12, which is interesting as J can count to 10. Av didn't really count or talk til 4 so he is busy learning dfferent things.

N is getting very much into technology and he is not a little boy anymore. Still very much a reserved person, he enjoys reading and dreaming about tech products he could invent or own.

Bub is 7 months today, crawls around the house, loves to pull himself up to stand, getting into mischif and mouthing anything he can reach. He likes food and I am trying to keep him on just organic fruit and veg but he is so wanting to eat it all.

Hopefully I can work out the best way to add photos. I have been creating, a few Christmas things and slowly working on other projects.

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