Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids in the month of May

My littliest boy will be 8 months tomorrow. He has started getting up to stand supported. He doesn't quite know how to get back down though. He has started to be more clingy to me, even attached to me all night.

My daughter is officially a St Johns junior cadet. She enjoys going and feels settled in. She is still very excited about art school. She has started painting. The subject is still fruit for the purpose of learning. She can choose what to paint next.

Meanwhile my eldest son is allowing me to teach him a few basics on the guitar. He is passionate about learning.

Av has needed an outlet as he is very active. He usually crashes out and has a nap most days but can be full on when awake. He gladly calls himself a chatterbox and as such his vocabulary has improved. Lately he has enjoyed cutting up vegees and cooking in a little pan. He has a passion for it and its great to see.

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