Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My littliest boy in his first Mama made crochet longies

8 months J
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Today J is 8 months. I just finished his first ever crochet longies. They are a perfect fit. Most of his longies are too small or too big. I am very happy with how they turned out. The yarn is Vintage Hues which is 12ply 100% wool. I bought 3 balls from an opshop in Essendon for $5!

Since J is 8 months, he had an appointment to see the maternal health nurse. We decided to go. His weight has gone done which was surprising. He is now 9.3kg and measures 73cm with a head circumference of 45.9cm so he's still growing.
He is almost exclusively breastfed on demand and is active so it makes sense he has slimmed down. Still he is very healthy.
The nurse as usual, talked with us about immunisation. She strongly believes that vaccination and the availablilty of clean water have done much to help with the eradication of diseases. Even though I can easily disagree with many of her points I don't. I keep quiet. Husband is polite and nods along. In the end she respects the decision we have made. She did bring up the point of natural immunity. I wonder if that is harder to achieve now. And how do you know if you have natural immunity? Many childhood diseases are now harder to catch. My husband and I (like many people my age) have had chicken pox but my kids haven't. I know Varicella has only just become a part of the schedule so not sure if chicken pox has just been harder to get?
So much rambling as I continue to ponder these things....
The nurse makes it obvious that she likes to see us with "a normal healthy baby". She tells us about the many children that come in that are behind their milestones and are not very healthy. I wonder if vaccinations have anything to do with that? The modern lifestyle?
I appreciate the nurse saying, "Whatever you're doing, its good. Keep it up." Results speak loudly. Truly happy baby, happy mama and happy family. That's my goal, to enjoy the every day.

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