Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8ply cotton singlet

Underarm (tri cotton singlet)
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Oh how we love our handmade cotton singlets. Here is my latest made with 3 different types of 8ply cotton including Heirloom 8ply cotton. Usually I find the best stuff at opshops. Its hard to find the perfect twist for the texture that I like.
Here's my pattern. Very basic singlet, that I have made many of, for my boys over the years. If you choose to use it let me know. It needs testing.

8ply cotton with 4mm needles


CO 50sts. Starting with purl row, ss 47rows
Cast off 3sts next 2 rows. Dec end each row til 40sts.
SS 21rows
K10 cast off 20 sts K10
Continue on these 10 sts.
At neck edge, dec every row til 7sts remain. Cast off at shoulder edge.
Repeat for other shoulder.


CO 50sts
Starting with purl row SS 47rows.
Cast off 3sts next 2 rows. Dec end each row til 40sts.
SS 4 rows
K15 cast off 10 K15
Continue on the 15. Dec every other row til 7sts remain. Continue til same length of back. Cast off.
Repeat for other side.

Seam sides and shoulders using mattress stitch.
Crochet around neck edge.

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