Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Body, My Baby, Our Safety

Just been playing with the header and making banners. Not completely happy with them so I will get more magnificent ideas in time. I am sure! Or I will leave that up to other more tech savvy and talented with their wonderous blogs.
I like the photos though. My awesome 4 and their gorgeous smiles which make me think things are good in our lives right now, that even though I make mistakes, I am doing alright as a mother.
I have survived this year - ie. the year after J's birth and no PND or depression to speak of. I didn't think it possible. I do attribute this to his birth or more to the point, taking responsibility for my body, my baby, our safety. It was safe for me because I chose it knowing what was needed. What isn't safe is being devoid of choice, of being disrespected. 
Which brings me to this grab of videos from the Canberra Rally. Nothing special to most but they are from my view. Rain, babies and passionate people.

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