Monday, November 02, 2009

My boy is the awesome 4

Four years of age, that is.

We asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday.
"Just get me everything"

I was worried he would be upset that we didn't get him "everything" but he seemed to adore all that he got and did on his forth birthday. For the record, he got a blanket and toys crocheted by me as well as clothes, wooden pretend play toys (cooking related), drum pad and drumsticks.

I also gave him approx 50grams of organic merino with jelly and food dye. He was very excited to have his own wool to colour and has grand plans for me to make something for him.

It was a warm day so we went to get icypoles.
The big kids were home from school so we all went bowling with Dad.

Av got a strike as did his brother. J wanted to pick up the bowling balls and throw them no doubt!
J fell asleep after a feed while the kids played 2 games and then had games of air hockey.

Happy 4th Birthday!

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