Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Latch hook

Latch hook
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Something I have thought about doing for a while is latch hook. My Aunty used to be very much into crafts including latch hook and I remember helping her make a rug as a 15 year old which is that many years ago. She also made us latch hook pillows. I had one with Big Bird on it which I later used to hold personal letters from penpals. It has since left the building. I love how handmade things hang around for years!

My sons enjoyed helping me latch hook. I got the Jolly Rogers because it looked simple, and something different. I am currently doing one with Noah and a cow which is about the same size - cushion, though more colours so more concentration required. I have ordered another that I loved the design of for some time and it is a rug size. It is a lion. I don't like they use acrylic and being the bargain hunter/cheapskate/lover of quality that I am, I have been not to keen to get into this craft. But it is fun and maybe one day I will design my own and use scrap wool.

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