Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful day at the beach with the boys

Usually we go down to Williamstown or South Melbourne, but we kept driving and ended up in Mordialloc which was really nice. The waves were wild for us and it was lovely to see my big boys were able to judge for themselves how much they could handle. They knocked me around thats for sure. There was no staying dry in that water.

J seemed perplexed about what we were playing at but was happy as long as Mama or Dad was holding him. 

He loved the sand though he seemed unsure of what it was, as he picked it up and let it go over and over.

My little boy moved around the tent we set up, slowly walking over the uneven sand.

Meanwhile the big boys played, making sandcastles and splashing in the water.
They had gone to the beach the day before with Dad.

My 6yo came to watch the soccer game played on the beach with J who was mesmerised by it. He was even making noises at them!

I enjoyed the day. It reminded very much of  when I was young, a child. Our babysitter would take us. We used to bodysurf and jump the waves.

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