Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog neglect

Blogging has not been  a priority lately so its been neglected which I think is not a good idea as I will find it hard to catch up. I did have a night recently where I tried to fix up this blog as my 15 month old thought it amusing to stay awake til 4am.
What are my priorities at the moment? Sleep...eating....and of course family. Its all I seem to manage day to day. I am trying to let things go of the wanting to do more. Its not possible.
For now I enjoy the quiet moments, getting non-disrupted sleep, eating good food, and seeing my children smile.
I am not a goals orientated person at all. I don't like routine or schedules. I do want for things, Desire is a good thing, something to keep me going. I think about studying, organising the house, making things easier for myself. Sometimes I even work towards those things. I think this year may be a more personal year, time for growth and progress and working to understand who I really am. I don't expect to blog about that so may be this blog may become quieter but hopefully not neglected.  hope I can continue to create and have fun with my kids so I will document that.

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