Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birth choices

What is a valid birth choice?

February 18th was a day we had in our calenders for the past 2 weeks. We were going to Ballarat to meet our PM Kevin Rudd. We didn't know where exactly but this would be good. My kids skipped school in the hope they could speak to Rudd about choices.  My daughter was quite upset that she was unable to speak to the Premier when he visited the school last week. Now she is starting to think politicians really don't don't want to hear from you. Rudd was a no show. He was in Ballarat, but I felt he was avoiding us.
Rallies occurred in 15 locations in Australia.

I was asked what I thought of this rally in comparison to past rallies. Calmer, more relaxed.

It has been my understanding that these rallies are for saving homebirth with a midwife. This is fine as I support this for women who so choose. I have felt it is about savng the jobs of midwives which is great as we need true birth experts rather than surgeons in birth.
I have never felt it was about birth choices til yesterday. There were mostly consumer voices which I value but not really about homebirth which may not be a clear choice in a few months.
Is freebirth a valid birth choice? Many people do not think so. Yet how many times does it happen unplanned? I was an unplanned freebirth. I know people who have such quick labours, they just don't make it to the hospital. My labours have been fast so I believe its in my best interest and that of my baby's health to plan for an unassisted birth. Is that not wise? I hear of women who have their midwives arrive after the birth at home. I assume babies arrive quicker at home because the environment is better, mother is calmer, less restrictions and interventions.
I do not want strangers at my births any more. I have been there and I did not need it or appreciate it. You can argue that an independant midwife is different to a random hospital midwife, that you have gotten to know them in a short 6 months or so, but I cannnot be sure. It seems to be risky to me. I am fearful of having a stranger enter my home while I am vulnerable and possible harm me (and in turn, my baby) in my home. I respect that people feel differently but I weigh up my options and do what is best for me.


Look, a rare family  photo. Taken by a midwife we met and we later joked we would hire her cos she was lovely but then maybe just to be naughty and break the law. :/ This was probably the most social and relaxed rally I have been to. I met another homebirther who inspired me with her own freebirth when I was pregnant with J. I gave my email to 2 midwives whom we spoke to for a while after most people had left. My husband spoke to a few men that were there (he also did speak to a homebirth Dad at the Orgasmic Birth screening on the weekend and I think its helpful to have that understanding). I am still shy and reserved but I feel I am getting to know these faces, it would be great in helping us to homeschool I reckon. Again, Av made friends - how does he do that? I have never tried to "socialise" him and yet he has no issues (and his siblings too) like I seem to. My daughter talked to nearly everyone who talked to us. I don't think people expect that.

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