Sunday, March 21, 2010

18 Months

J is now 18 months. He has 4 chunky molars.

They all came through together so I think they have caused him some discomfort, all helped along with boobah I am sure. He is still growing strong on breastmilk. He does eat other foods but he is quite fussy, or should I say discerning, about what he chooses to eat. Sleeps with Mum and Dad, feeding oft during the night, does not believe in daily naps other than in Mama's arms or in the car.

He is very content and a joy. He loves his brothers and sister and has a way of acting much older when they are around, though he is still the baby and cries if he needs to. He doesn't talk but makes plenty of sounds and can communicate nonetheless. He seems to know the Maori vowels AEIOU and laughs when I sing them.

J's hair is getting so long (rat tail) and even has the curls still. He has yet to have a haircut and I am in no rush to cut it at this stage.

 J is becoming more aware of his body and though not using the toilet or potty he knows what they are for. He is likely to clean up an accident of his own accord. He loves making a mess (feeding himself or playing in dirt) and thankfully also likes to bathe. He likes to feed himself and drinks out of a big cup though he does have his own "sippy cup".

J likes to be involved in what we are doing. whether it is playing with Mama's wool or drawing like his big sister or just playing on the computer with his brothers. He also wants to go out with Dad whenever he goes out. He will search for his shoes and even if he has no other clothes on, its enough for him!

J likes to walk. We have rarely used the pram and lately I have noticed we rarely use a baby carrier. He likes to push the button when we come to the pedestrian lights. He straddles as if he is many years older, but he is still my baby.

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