Friday, April 02, 2010

School's Out

School's out, not quite forever, but at least a fortnight.
On the last day of school, they held a sports day. Sports days when I was at school was serious business but this was very relaxed. We had a picnic too.
As is tradition, we took the kids out for dinner that night and then played games.

The past week has gone so fast. My husband is home for 4 weeks and he needs the break from his job which is hard labour with excessive manual handling atm and politics which is enough for anyone to leave. He has stuck it out for 10 years and is unsure what is next if he were to leave. Anyway, I am glad he is home to spend more  time with us. He had his birthday and we went out sans kids as well as last night  for our 11th wedding anniversary which is today.
J had his first night without me. He came back and drank and crashed.
This week we have taken the kids out as often as we could. Playgrounds and even to see "How to train a dragon" at the Drive In were lots of inexpensive fun.

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