Thursday, April 22, 2010

Merimbula family holiday Day 3

Pancake breakfast on the day we left Merimbula.

The big boys had one each, J had at least one on his own and our girl got another one which she graciously shared with her Dad who would easily had many more!

It was such lovely weather in Merimbula. I brought along jackets and blankets which we did not need. Though the big boys wore their jackets?! My big boy got this jacket for an early birthday present. It is so cool (spot the Rickenbacker bass). Kids have the coolest things these days.

Anyway, it was better weather than I could have hoped for. Not too cold or windy or wet and not too hot either.
We headed back home via Canberra.

The trip took longer because there were several roadworks happening on the mountains and so it was stop start and then we stopped in Canberra for lunch but had to stop early for a toilet break. We stopped at the DFO and my big boy spotted shoes he liked and for $5 I thought it would be fine. Then of course Av wanted a pair too. They didn't have his size so he settled for socks. Actually he was very rapt with the socks. He wore a pair and carried the other!

We stopped in Gundagai and planned to stop in Albury for dinner but then moved on to Wangaratta for a quick dinner.

We had to stop often for power naps, the travel fatigue was an issue. What a trip!

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