Thursday, July 15, 2010

Windy City and random things

Av saw Bob the Builder movie with his Nana a few weeks ago. I say that because I forgot to mention it previously. I just know there were other things I forgot to mention. My memory is not the best and that is why I initially started this blog.
J is not much of a talker but last week he awoke as the rubbish truck was going by our house and he said "Ruck!" He usually says "arc", he also says "Ah" for car, "War" for water and lots of other simple sounds that really could mean anything, but Mama knows. 
He can settle himself to sleep, meaning he often goes to bed (or couch) for a nap. Though not keen on the potty he will do poos on it if I catch him needing to go. He is happy to sit there a little while if the trucks and cars are around him!

Its windy some days in Melbourne. Icy cold too.

We wanted to take the boys to the train museum while our daughter was at a friends' place but it was too cold for my liking. Look at those crazy kids on the playground.

 This seagull clipped my husband and I took its photo!

The kids dressed up for a barn dance with the church. T and J danced some but the boys were not so interested.

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