Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Homebirth is pretty silly

Okay then!

"I gave birth to my second daughter on the beach at Margaret River. Was told by the doctor the previous day I had least another week so we decided to go away for the Australia Day long weekend. Went into labour walking around with toddler who wouldn't settle down for the night in the tent. Initially my (ex) partner ...didn't believe me until I went outside and screamed and he came just in time to catch baby before she hit the sand! My daughter is now 32 and a great believer in
natural/home births. And no I didn't call her Sandy. :)"

That is the story of my birth. I was not a homebirth, yet a freebirth unplanned. I am quite sure I have been avoiding doctors all my life!

I do not think homebirth is silly. Nor is it dangerous. What is silly and dangerous in my mind is putting my life in someone else's hands when its not necessary. Which in turn is putting my child's life at risk. What the naysayers need to understand is, homebirth is not just a desire of the mother. Her rights come first and when you care and respect for the woman, you are doing same for the unborn child. Its not about doing all for the baby and forgetting the woman is a person. That is what is inherently wrong with my experiences having babies in hospital. Yes, I do matter. My physical and emotional wellbeing matter when I am caring for the precious newborn for whom people will do anything for when I am in labour. The contrast after I had my youngest son was immense. Was I so selfish to do what is best for me? To avoid the trauma? Not only for myself but my family too. Don't they deserve a happy mother?

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