Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Winter Holidays

Its cold and its Winter so I guess that would make sense! Making much use of our woolly hats.
During the holidays we have been keeping busy and have taken the kids a few places but nothing too organised or different. They went bowling yesterday with their Dad. I wanted to go but I was in need of a break. Honestly I have re entered the red tent. It is a relief in a way, its been over 31 months since my LP. I had 2 early miscarriages in April and June. Anyway I do wonder if I will have another baby or if I should be just incredibly happy with the 4 I have, who are fast growing up.

Taking every opportunity to take photos of all 4 together.

Look at that grin! They are watching 'Alvin and the Chipmunks" squeakel. We later bought Avatar and 2012 and they enjoy watching that too. It may be a challenge getting the mattress back in the room. The big kids have been sleeping in a single bed on the loungeroom floor most of the school holidays.
My daughter has large project to complete on Cyprus before she goes back to school. It is causing her so much stress, I think  the idea of radical unschooling seems favourable. She is 10, in grade 5 and she is doing a project of epic proportions. I don't think I did anything like that involved til high school. Year 10 even.
The big boys are going to see their Nan tonight.
 Look at those expressions! That is the awesome 4!

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