Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My youngest son's birth month

My baby boy turns 2 in just a couple weeks. I am looking forward to it, hoping that my challenging year will be over and maybe I can enjoy the family more. Its been difficult and I would like to have a break!
As for my back, its holding up, just. I have really bad nights and mornings, its fine during the day and I think I have worked out how to avoid that agony. Sleep on my left side. Where the pain seems to be originating from, it on the right of my spine. Its still uncomfortable but not with excruciating pain.

As usual I am still creating. I made myself a bulky circle vest which I love and wear a lot.

Winter has not dissipated so the weather still calls for keeping warm. Half of Victoria is under water. Oh and we have a minority government! Labor with independents and Greens support. Its been a long wait but hopeful we will see good things happen. Its meant to Spring so given strength I hope to continue the slow going Spring cleaning that is happening here. My kids are getting taller and clothes are looking smaller. Some will be passed down and I can see a few my daughter wore may even make it to J!

Cool hat for J. Unfortunately its too small.
 I have been making many things for J's birthday and a few gifts.

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