Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunshine in Melbourne

Get the complaining out of the way, the back pain isn't so bad now I have only been sleeping on my left side. I have a chest infection that is no fun. And nausea. Not morning sickness, gets worse as the day wears on. I feel like its all going against me, or maybe my health needs a look at, as if I am doing something wrong. So not used to feeling this way.
The sun shining today and its so wonderful, if only I was feeling better, it helps a little to have the sun visible.

My eldest son told me he hadn't been on a train in a while, hinting at wanting to go on one. So I thought it would be lovely to spend an afternoon with my big boy. His first word (apart from Ma-ma and da-da etc) was 'twain' at 8mths. He was talker as a baby though he is quiet and reserved in a lot of ways. He is very alert and takes in a lot of what is going on without saying anything til later usually. He loves Maths and has forgone practicing and performing in the school concert so he can do hard maths instead. 
I think I surprised him as I offered to buy him a milkshake, lunch, shoes and an icecream. I remember as a child, what special time I had when it was just my Mum and I. There are similarities between us, he is a loner and quiet like I am and isn't so demanding. I loved spending time with him, undivided attention.

J adores his big sis. Here he is, trying to attack her with a kiss. My girl is now at school camp. She was incredibly excited about going, she has been to a few, with school and Cadets.

This one is her longest at 4 days.

My little boys have unfortunately been unwell. J has had conjunctivitis and a cough like we all seem to have varying degrees of. Its been a long few weeks. J also has had a few bouts of hives like his older brother. My big boy has been suffering with eczema again.
We did have a good day  on Fathers Day when we took Dad out to lunch and bought his much wanted iPod to use while running.  I feel 'not quite right' buying things especially when the ethics of such companies are questionable, but I can be sensible and not overbuy and avoid wasteful purchasing, making do with what we have. We have never bought a MP3 player before so its our first and I know it will get worthwhile use.

I have been making a few things for J for his birthday as he is outgrowing his baby clothes. He is quite built, not so chubby as not small! This vest is knitted with some bright Malabrigo worsted.

Rainbow singlet knit in 4ply sock wool - Zauerball.

Another singlet, this one knit in a beautiful soft bamboo.

J absolutely loves trucks, so when I found these buttons online, J was in awe, and even moreso when they arrived. This hat was the result from the KAL on Ravelry from TotToppers. Its the Salute hat and knit in Malabrigo Twist.

Av gave himself a haircut with kid scissors the other day. After I freaked out, we couldn't help but giggle since it reminded us of "Boy" the movie. "Its called a hair CUT!" Where Boy's father gives him a Michael Jackson haircut while smoking marijuana.

He also cut it at the back in a few spots.

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