Sunday, October 24, 2010

So crafty - making a person

I couldn't be more excited than to be at this stage where I can say I am pregnant and not be as sick as I was. I am 12 weeks and the past 6 weeks were extremely stressful and difficult. From week 4 - 10 I could barely eat and my only relief from the nausea was sleep. I believe I spent up to 22 hours a day in bed. It was all I could do. I felt like I was doing nothing though honestly I was making a baby and that takes a lot of energy. The last two weeks were easier but still no fun. I have more energy the past few days and less nauseated so I am grateful for that. Time spent catching up on a test knit that I feel awful about because its been a month in the making. Term Time vest for littlies who don't go to school. Knitted in Malabrigo chunky. It is a size 2 and does fit J (now 25mths old) but he wasn't very impressed with it but he was cranky today. J even had a mega nap.
And to catch up on all that Spring cleaning I had planned, first to catch up on washing and general cleaning up. I was motivated today and that was great to see things getting out of the way. Please let it continue.

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karisma said...

Congratulations! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes a bit smoother for you. The vest is really sweet. hugs