Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My littliest boy turned 2!

My littliest boy turned 2 about a fortnight ago on the 21st September.
We are still breastfeeding, albeit only once a day. This is my doing, not his wanting because I am having a hard time with my health in particular. Anyway I am very happy he is 2 and having the good stuff.
We spent the day basically eating! For lunch we went to Pancake Parlour and then all you can eat for dinner. It was way too much food but it was fun. J adored having his Dad's hand to hold and the cuddles. I didn't really get a look in.

He loved the cake. The day before, Av really talked up the birthday cake.

Just an update on the knitteds I completed last month. I haven't knitted much since as I have been too unwell.
This was a test knit called Elisaac sweater. It is knit in 8ply Woolganics and Yarn Cafe.

Finally finished a Little Hoodlum for J with Yarn Cafe.

And its so nice to have some warmer weather. There are flowers everywhere saying Hey Its Spring.

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