Wednesday, November 10, 2010


J wearing the Term Time vest I made. He is now starting to speak and tried to say "Upside Down" but it comes out, "Up, down" which is quite cute. He loves food and is still feeding though I have the feeling he isn't getting much but for the comfort he needs. I think there may have been colostrum, but I can't express anything. As for toileting, he sometimes makes it to the toilet but he may be some time away from throwing out the nappies. He is very much my baby, looks it and acts it. I gave him a haircut - just a fringe trim so it wasn't forever getting in his eyes -and he looks slightly older. My big kids lost their babyness much earlier.

Pregnancy is tough. Emotionally and physically. At least now the nausea is much easier to deal with and is not a constant reminder that I am expecting. I had some depression and it was very difficult to handle but I am trying to deal with what comes at me as it comes. My shoulder and back is not as bad as it was pre - pregnancy so that is a positive and quite strange and unusual really. I am trying really hard to keep a balance to my days so I can manage the things that need to be done and still feel in good health. The best thing about being pregnant is feeling those movements and feeling sensual. Also nesting for bub, for me that means organising clothes and making things.

This top was meant for J but its too small so its for bub.

I am also now crocheting again.
To be able to knit and crochet again has brought some joy back in my life - ie. doing something I enjoy.

On Sunday we visited my brother and his family in Kidstown, Mooroopna which was fun for the kids.

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funkyhan said...

I love your rainbow baby shirt, and the crochet baby cocoon is too sweet for words!! I'm glad you've rediscovered it, knitting makes my life a little easier too :)

Happy gestating!