Thursday, November 18, 2010


Umpteenth is a new word for my daughter. She is 10 and reading Anne Frank diary. Anne Frank was a 13 year old who with two families was cramped into a secret part of a building to avoid the Nazis in the early 1940's. Her teacher gave her the movie to watch of their life in the annex. Anyway I have noticed her understanding and comprehension has improved this year. Her maturity has also gained, she is less a child and more able to speak to me about things more broadly, though her understanding is not always complete - neither is mine. We went in to to see her teacher the other day and she was tested as having the reading level of a 14.7 year old. She has also improved with her Maths. I think her teacher expects us to be amazed and tremendously proud. Honestly we are proud of her anyway. She has her strengths and weaknesses and is a whole person. She has talents that cannot be tested. What I am happy with is when she is proud of herself.

We originally went in to the school to see my son's teacher. We were given an appointment for two weeks ago and he "lost" it. Not sure why he didn't want us to see his teacher. I promised him we would not say anything but nice things! Of course! He has nothing to worry about. He loves maths but he doesn't think he is good at anything else like writing and reading. Truth is his writing is very neat and he can construct clear sentences. He is actually quite the perfectionist. His reading is tested as level 40 which is the highest level they test to grade 4. He is 7 and will be in grade 3 next year. He was surprised when I told him his level, he didn't believe me. When we were talking with my daughter's teacher, she was asking her about fractions but she doesn't quite get it. My son quipped, "A quarter is bigger than a tenth." She was amazed, "How do you know that?" She told him he should be learning his timetables. He said "I know most of the timetables, but I need to learn my 9x." So the teacher showed him a 'trick' where you put your hands out. If you want to work out 2x9 you put down your 2nd finger and you get 1 before that finger and 8 after so its 18. For 9x9 you put down your 9th finger, you get 8 and 1 so 81. I watched his face as she explained it and I think he was shy at first but he is so cluey he got it and the amazement in his eyes made me tear up! Seeing your children learn and understand is a real joy.

My daughter wanted to homeschool next year but she is unsure. I think a good compromise would be part time but we can't agree. I am not keen on my daughter going to high school but she is old enough to choose and I really want her to have that choice. I know many children can't choose to homeschool but I want my children to have that choice. At this stage, my two youngest will be homeschooling in a natural learning style as they have been for their first formative years. Av is 5 and has no real interest in school (and I do believe he has a say). I am very much hoping for a tree change, to be able to move away from where we are currently living and have an improved lifestyle that suits us. If that happens, I am sure homeschooling will be a more viable and accepted option. Where we are living now, its fine for us now but when bub arrives I do worry how we will manage. As I continue to spring clean I hope that decluttering will help but having another person in a small house may send us over the edge.

Av has just started running with his Dad and big brother. J loves to run too which is cute. Av can really hold his own and that was the concern that he wouldn't be able to keep up, well he did surprise his Dad with his fast pace.  I do not run, its my thing, my daughter has no real interest in sport either unless its fun games. BUt I can see Av and his brothers will probably try sports as they get older.

J has started asking to use the toilet which is a great small step!
Nausea is still lingering in this pregnancy but its only slight and usually its not all day so I am feeling more positive as I approach 16 weeks. I have been making a few things so will share.

From German sock yarn, wee cuties crocheted.

Young Einstein in a newborn size knit in Woolganics 8ply next to a Versa in 6mth size knit in Malabrigo Twist. The Versa pattern is awesome. I can see myself referring to this pattern for vests in the future.

One day emergency hat was a fun easy knit made as a mini KAL in the BDD group on Ravelry. Using some gifted acrylic.

 eden's adam singlet knitted in Zanz cotton. I think this was my 15th, I do like this pattern though I have altered it to the shape I like and I like the garter panel all the way down the side. I have tried to go easy buying things and nappies to buy for baby as its very easy to buy. But this is a cute set. I am expecting another boy but I could be wrong! I have always thought I would have 4 boys and  a girl.

Gorgeous crochet  pixie hat using up some 8ply wool scraps. Yarn cafe, the Polwarth dyed by me.

Using  Malabrigo Twist to crochet this newborn romper, I changed the shaping from the pattern as I am hoping it fits over a cloth nappy.
Puff stitch for the first time in this hat crocheted in Malabrigo worsted. I love the colour and the style.


Tracy said...

Wow have you been busy! Love the romper particularly.

karisma said...

I LOVE that you give your children a choice. Not many people do. Its either one way or the other. My girls all went to school right through to year 12, the youngest never wanted to homeschool although she had the choice. The boys are both loving the freedom of homeschooling. Secretly I dread them going to school but of course if ever they want to, I will support their decisions.

As for your latest projects! I don't know how you find the time! I have been accused of being a knit machine before but you leave me for dead! Wow! The puff stitch hat looks awesome. I also just completed my first go at it. Except mine was a bit of a combination to give a longer effect.