Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas tree

Its been a busy month with Christmas upon us again. We were loaned this tree and lights. The kids adored adorning the tree. The decorations are all handmade. I have tried not to be a scrooge about how I feel about the over commercialism of Christmas and enjoy what this time of year has to offer. It has been great to catch up with people and even see our family for lunch yesterday.

My daughter received her first badge through St Johns cadets as a junior at their last get together for the year where her family was welcome to attend. I met and talked with probably the most intelligent people I have ever met. For an example of topics discussed, danger of vaccination, social engineering (George Soros, Bill Gates), the corruption of the banks, the danger of out tap water, how Cancer can be treated with bi carb and oxygenated water, etc. And I am normal for having a homebirth and considering homeschooling. Its enlightening listening to such people.

My big kids performed in their school concert which was fun for them.

We took the kids to Scienceworks on a school day which was great because once the school groups go home, the kids have more free reign especially in the Nitty Grittyy Super City which is a lot of fun to watch.

We have been having fun going to the beach .

 I welcome beach weather. We are still having cold, even freezing days in Melbourne while some places around the country floods. When it is cold, I feel unwell, the nausea  hasn't been so bad as the weather has been warmer but the cold sets me back. Fortunately the pregnancy is going very well. I haven't any other issues to worry about. I am now 2o weeks and I look forward to the new year and welcoming another baby. Though I must be honest and say I am enjoying very much having my children grow up. J has been out of nappies for a fortnight which is fantastic.

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Tat said...

It's been freezing in Sydney, too! We have a Christmas BBQ planned, I really hope it warms up a bit by then.