Monday, November 29, 2010

Unschooling Monday

Okay, we are late but after seeing a few other blog posts linked to Owlet's beautiful blog, I decided to blog about our unschooling endeavours.
We have a 10 year old and a 7 year old attending primary school. They fit in well and rather be at school and until we can move from this house that we hate, we will support our children in attending school. At the same time, our 5 year old will not be attending school next year like is expected. He has not attended kinder or child care. He is not shy or stuck at home, he has many friends of various ages and though weary of strangers he is not shy. Honestly my children are more confident than I am and I have been through 12 years of school.
Our 2 year old has mostly been only with us, he has stayed at his grandmothers' houses once each without much of a problem. At this stage, he doesn't need more than to play and have his family available for cuddles. He mostly sleeps with us, but occasionally he will sleep with his sibling/s.
All of our children love to draw. My daughter draws amazing pictures that come alive, they appear animated. Our boys draw well too but I cannot draw, my husband can. They love craft and can get along well together as they create. We got them all a craft box and that was very exciting for them, they usually only get a crafty activity periodically. They go through craft activities so quickly.
Av's drawing of a tiger.

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