Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday recap so far

Christmas has come and gone.

We had a fairly relaxed day at home and at each of our mother's places. The children got many gifts even though they didn't get much from us. I think they were happiest with the gift they asked for and received from us.
New Year was celebrated in the City. It was very crowded yet surprisingly pleasant.

Family days out have been great.

Whether at the beach near home or on a day  roadtrip its good to see the family enjoy time out.

Melbourne museum is a favourite with our children. So much to see and they get to play too. I know I learn something new each time we go.

Brickvention is a Lego Convention held at the Melbourne Town Hall. The boys were so keen, they even waited 2 hours in a line that went around the block.

We took a family day out in Bendigo. I don't remember it being so far from home! But we did enjoy the day. We first visited the Bargain Room at the Bendigo Woollen Mills before having lunch by the lake. We visited Cold Rock Ice Creamery and the conservatory.

I have been having a go at embellishing knitted items. I am quite happy with the strawberry I did on this vest. I am getting the hang of it and I wont say I completely suck at it now.

I have been making a lot of newborn items so I wont bore myself or others with copious amount of pictures or details so just a few examples. (If you are interested, find me on Ravelry.)

Crocheted singlets made in 4ply cottons for testing. As you can see I enjoyed making these as there is 4.

I have made lots of mittens, booties, bonnets and hats.

Bibs too.

Of course a few soakers too many

This was a test knit, Lee pullover. I did a heart embellishment on it which was a little rough but I think I am getting better.

I have been having many pattern ideas but usually they stay as pictures or notes in a book. I would like to develop some pattern ideas but I don't think I have enough passion or enthusiasm for it.

Test crochet hat, Urban Shells to fit a child.

The children have such a short time at home before school starts. Grade 6 and grade 3 for my big girl and big boy. Av will be at home, he has wanted to learn to read so he trialled Reading Eggs online which he really enjoyed and I can see he has learned a lot. For a child who had no real interest in the alphabet, he has surprised me with learning phonics and the like.
J has been going to the toilet all  the time now, he has been out of nappies for a couple months. Sometimes he sleeps with us, sometimes not. He comfort feeds and to me he is still very much a baby but his speech is slowly improving so its nice to hear him communicate in more verbal ways.
Currently in week 25 of the pregnancy with a very active baby and gladly no nausea to speak of these days.

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