Thursday, January 27, 2011


Its my birthday present! Lame maybe but I like that I can make something for myself. Made from Karaoke soy/wool.

I have been making many things for the baby. I am not buying much at all, I don't need to. Above is J holding Junior in Victorian baby's cape crocheted in Karaoke soy/wool. He notices babies now and calls them 'bay'.

Receiving blanket in soy with corn edging. Think I will enjoy using this. I love making blankets but babywearing and co-sleeping usually means you don't often use them.
Lots of crochet baby things...

The yarn is fair trade and organic alpaca 4ply dyed to be a gradual gradient in Gypsy Rainbow colourway by Jolly Jumbuck, which was lovely but maybe not the best choice with the pattern. Without a diagram I couldn't work out the pattern so I made it my own way. Its very long using 110grams but hope it may be useful.

Have been knitting too...

Dreamerz organic cotton/milk singlet.

This Versa for J. I hadn't made anything for him in a while so it was sad when he didn't show much enthusiasm for trying it on. Versa is a fun pattern though so I am glad to see it in action.

Finally finished putting the squares I made in 2010 together, 16 crocheted and 4 knitted.

Also another WIP finished. Most of the work for this bath mat was in tearing up the sheet to be crocheted.

Also been working on my embellishing which I am quite happy with. I think organic wool is a joy to do needlework with as opposed to cotton which I struggled to do.

As for what our family have been doing, the children have been enjoying spending time playing with the neighbours. They often play together since we moved here but even moreso lately. They go to different schools so I think that is a good thing. Not that they are in same grades anyway. Av is younger and being 5 is asked if he is going to school. Thankfully he is happy to stay home and learn as he has been in the past 5 years.

This week we took the kids bowling as they sometimes enjoy doing. J loves it too. Here they are playing air hockey which is a fun pasttime too.

We had our first family BBQ! I am vegetarian so its not as exciting as it was for the kids and hubby! Rye bread around sausages with fruit/veg juice to wash it down.

On Australia Day (Invasion day) we decided to take the kids to Eureka Skydeck. They know the building well and spot it whenever we are near the City. Last time we went there was also Australia Day 2 years ago when J was only a small baby. This time we went in the evening. I think many people had the idea to watch the fireworks from a new height.

Since I am posting photos and most of my photos lately have been cruddy (can I blame the camera?) so I want to share this one which is offensive to children apparently. That is why my children think its normal and wonderful, right?
Witnessed in our house by children for almost 11 years. "Some Western person say that's disgusting...." This is the longest I have breastfed for (28mths and counting) and I can't see what the fuss is about. Not to say its not challenging because to me it really is, yet its normal. Full stop.

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