Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Craft break

A pair of longie with added pocket. The longies are crocheted and the pcoket was knit so I could embellish a watermellish guitar.Yes I do like guitars.
I am currently having break from crafting, firstly because I literally have no yarn stash and have no money to buy more and secondly to focus on the pregnancy and doing a few other things I have been wanting to do. Namely, reading a few books (Red Tent and Birthing From Within), cleaning house properly (washing walls and all that fun stuff) and just enjoying my family as it is now. I am working on a latch hook rug but its slow going as its a fair size. I am very aware I wont have much time or inclination to craft for the first 6 months of being a mama to 5.
Another pair of longies. These were both made with BWM yarns and will fit bub at about 6mth I think.
A staying home dress. Its very cute, I love the idea of making dresses but don't have much reason to. My daughter is 11 and going into ladies sizes so its fun to make baby dresses even if I do get to gift it.

I do enjoy the Versa. This one I made to the 10ply pattern with 12ply yarn.
Slippers that fit J, he actually likes these.
Made a few washers, and scrubbies as they are always useful and use up cotton scraps.

So I am in my 34th week of pregnancy and its all good. Interestingly when I have prelabour I get so excited about the idea of setting up the birth pool, of going into labour and giving birth. I am looking forward to it. But at other times I am worried. I don't feel ready, even with at least a few weeks to go til I think I will be in labour, it seems its so close. This pregnancy has gone rather quickly (though when I had the severe MS it went incredibly slow) and I can see it will have an end and think maybe going to 43weeks wont be so bad. But then with J, 42 weeks felt so right so its normal to me.
Our landlord has pulled down our sheds (rather his friend did and the boys loved watching) and the carport too. Our backyard is a shambles as we wait for a skip to load it into. A temporary fence will soon be put up and we will lose our big backyard to a new townhouse the landlord is building. This is not a surprise to us as he let us know his plans before we moved in so after 2 and a half years he has begun to make a move. The silver lining is our rent has been reduced and we may move into the townhouse when its built, the garage may work as another room and we can get out of this house that sorely needs to be renovated at the least or rebuilt at best. I just wish it would happen before bub was born as I am finding it hard to nest at this stage and get much done as we have so little space. Financially we are doing it tough but we will adapt, happily we pay off the van this year and hopefully this will free us to do what we really want to do, lifestyle wise but we shall see. I almost feel trapped at this stage. At any rate, I am rambling.

My 5 year old boy received his first certificate at Karate last week. This means he is yellow tip or 9th kyu. The sensei thinks he is working well for his first grading to yellow belt. He is very excited (though initially surprised and chuffed) to be doing Karate and working towards something.

He is also enjoying copying the letters of the alphabet and random words he finds. I am glad its his choice to do this as he is learning for himself. I have only said its easier to understand computer games when you can read so maybe that is his motivation!  He also enjoys basic numbers and can now count confidently to ten. He is learning the alphabet and even though most children knows these things as toddlers, his depth of understanding seems to be great. He asks lots of questions and makes some interesting conclusions and I love his freethinking ways!
We have a deal that he can go on the computer if he helps clean the loungeroom and get dressed. He used to hate cleaning up the smallest mess but now without complaint, will tidy up and even sweep. He even says "Its easy to clean!"
Its been 2 and a half years since my youngest child was born into my hands, lifted out of the water and onto my chest. I was amazed by his barrel chest and big lips, which to this day he still has. Only child of mine who didn't have breastfeeding lip (where the lip tends to get dry in the middle because of sucking) possibly because his lips are so big and they curl when he feeds. This is a wonderful thing I can do for him, feed til this age and beyond. Since I have been producing colostrum he is very interested again.

Just for remembrance sake, just moments after his birth, which took his father by surprise. It was such a quick and easy birth after experiencing FER (foetal ejection reflex), a great example of a normal physiological birth, a truly natural birth.


karisma said...

Lovely post! Enjoy your rest time. I am going all gooey over your baby pictures. How quickly they grow!

The little dress is beautiful, did you make the pattern up yourself?

The Awesome 4 said...

The dress is from Ravelry. Its published free or available for $3 for download. Actually a great pattern as its clear with many photos.