Sunday, March 06, 2011

Summer, did it ever arrive?

Its now Autumn, and I don't remember a Summer. I think we had the occasional hot day but for the most part its been cold! Even being pregnant, hasn't kept me warm.
February saw my daughter turn 11.
 On her birthday, we took her to dinner at Smorgy's, then the next day we took the big kids out of school to take them to the NGV as she was keen to visit an art gallery.

She also was nominated and won the vote to be a SRC at school. This involved preparing and presenting a speech in front of half the school (grade 3 -6 students vote). She aint shy like me. She enjoys being involved and takes great responsibility in her new calling. She isn't doing any other activities at this stage which is her choice.
My 7 year old is enjoying school and likes being the youngest in the older grades. Nothing wrong with my childrens self esteem. Makes me so proud and happy for them when they tell me how good they are at something, realistic too when they don't understand things too, asking questions which I sometimes can't even begin to answer.
Meanwhile, Av has started Karate classes which he adores. He usually attends twice a week. He is learning at home but he doesn't recognise it as homeschooling, just does what he likes to do.
J is teething. Hands shoved in the mouth and slobber has given me the clue that he is getting more teeth, and he then told me. "Teeth" pointing into the back of his mouth. He hasn't been too upset though. He has taken to feeding on me about 3 times a day and for longer periods. Colostrum is available now. Toilet learning regression has been frustrating - not sure why this is happening but we try to take it in our stride and hopefully all works out by the time bub is born. He is still not talking much but says a few words and is able to communicate sufficiently. He now realises there is a "Bae" (baby) in my belly rather than a "Ball"!
I am now in the 32nd week gestation. I love this baby. I didn't feel as strongly with my other babies so its a wonderful feeling. Not in my ribs yet, quite low and compact actually with lots of movement and sensations which I honestly continue to enjoy. One thing that has stood out for me is that I can look at my four children and not think its many kids, someone is missing. I assume its this bub in utero who is keen to meet us and us, him. I say 'him' because I have always thought I would have 4 boys and 1 girl but I could be wrong. I am happy with either gender but honestly having a girl will be a surprise.

I have been busy crafting for baby. Actually getting the hang of embellishing too.

I have enjoyed making quite a few matching sets ie. hats and tops.

Made plenty of woollies too. Most yarns I have been using lately have been from the Back Room at BWM in Bendigo. Noro Taiyo is in there too, love the bonnet especially with the long repeats of colour.

Newborn pair of crocheted overalls using doubled sock yarn. Probably only fit once but I think they are cute.

Completed Kid Blanket for Av. I still found it narrow but still big enough for a 5 year old. It may be slightly heavy for a younger child to carry around.

Now its Autumn and I hope I can make good use of my time as the time draws nearer for me to meet my next baby. There is many things I want to do, need to do. I have been reading a little, having only just finished "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" by Dr Sarah J. Buckley. Her writing about instincts and the references to back up why we should leave birth alone is awe inspiring. Of course, it all makes sense to me but its nice to read about an educated women who had 4 babies at home (the last unassisted), believes in delayed cord clamping (even having lotus births), co-sleeping because its safe and makes breastfeeding much easier which in turns makes for happier families, full term breastfeeding where she speaks of feeding her children to 4 years and beyond. So people can say all they like about "those crazy hippies", but gosh they are smart.

Here are my awesome 4 in our bed, the two youngest are asleep. No room for the parents so the big kids are sent to their rooms and Av carried to bed. J can stay. Over the years we have had musical beds. My daughter loved co-sleeping and stayed mostly with Dad til I had Av when she started sleeping with her 2.5year old brother. Av was not keen on co-sleeping though we still slept in the same room. He liked his own space and slept in the cot. Shortly after he turned 2, he slept with his older siblings. Soon after, my daughter conceded she was too big to share a bed and has since enjoyed sleeping on her own in her room. She still loves to have sleeps with her brothers in the lounge room on the weekends. This is usually when J will not join us at night. Its not that comfortable sharing a queen size bed with a pregnant woman, a big man and a toddler but we manage. And interestingly I haven't had the chronic shoulder/back pain I was suffering with before I became pregnant. I feel quite fortunate, with not feeling any such pains, at least not at this stage. Still with around 10 weeks of pregnancy ahead of me, my best bet is to continue looking after myself. I didn't have any fears with my last pregnancy with J but more have come up in this one but I will process these thoughts as I trudge along. I think my main stress at the moment is how will I manage with 5 children in a small house. Ideally we would move house but its seems like the impossible, with no money to spare, but I do look forward to more space in due time.


karisma said...

Love those embellishments, I wonder, do your hands never get tired? I am amazed at how many projects you finish. Looks like you need a bigger bed there! LOL! We always played musical beds here too. All my little co-sleepers still climb in occasionally for a cuddle or a quiet chat and snuggle on a cold day. (even my almost 23 year old) :-) So many more years of snuggles for you!

Sazz said...

I So hear you on the "where'd summer end up?" thing. Having a summer baby is meant to be great coz I can get my nappies clean and dry quickly, but that never happened!

You've been so productive! Those are such cute clothes. That butterfly is amazing. And the guitar hat and top, very cool.